Festival of Lights Zagreb

Spring 2023

Light art is a new discipline that has escaped the confines of museum walls, its artists using as their canvas the city, its buildings, its monuments, the night sky itself. Part art, part design, architecture and entertainment spectacle, the festival both brings you something beautiful to look at and something to make you see your world differently.

Festivals of Light are bringing an exciting new dimension to ever more cities around the world, enrobing their famous monuments in vivid hues or using them as an integral part of creative works.

In 2017 Zagreb’s very first Festival of Lights was a four-day celebration of spring that included experiencing a light harp and challenged visitors to win a prize in a unique laser maze.

Festival of Lights Zagreb is one of the first events heralding the new tourist season, enticing us outside to enjoy a spring night in the city and to witness innovative art and the joy of light. Just one more reason to visit Zagreb!

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Festival of lights in the media

Zagreb Festival of Lights (March)

Every March, the already beautiful city of Zagreb becomes a canvas for artists who use the latest light projection technology to paint the city in light. The historical centre is illuminated with colourful and quirky images, and throughout the city you’ll find breathtaking light installations and concepts. Because the festival is held every spring, most of those concepts evoke awakening, new life and growth.

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Zagreb Festival of Lights – An unforgettable experience to be seen in the city

the capital city of Croatia light up in spectacular fashion and in a way never seen before with the second ever Zagreb Festival of Lights. The festival brought together audio-visual installations all around the city in spectacular form, joining the likes of other world cities who have a tradition of holding such festivals such as Amsterdam, Helsinki, Prague and Berlin. What’s better excuse to see this stunning city than under the silhouette of thousands of twinkling lights and artistic displays?

Festival of Lights Zagreb

As spring sets in, the city turns into a spectacular light show directed by the Festival of Lights. Streets, squares, parks, buildings and landmarks become a stage for playful light installations. The familiar and well-known becomes new and exciting again, thanks to the artists whose visions shed a new light on Zagreb, literally.

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Zagreb lights up the Spring

The Festival of Lights Zagreb takes place in the Croatian capital and transform the city into a spring world with spectacular projections, blossoming fantasy and colorful light art celebrating the reawakening of nature. The warming evenings invite you to stroll and discover the beautiful historic city in the light. It is one of the first big events of the year and heralded the tourist season with a spectacular starting signal.

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Zagreb Becomes a City of Lights Once Again

Festival of Lights Zagreb is one of the first annual events announced by the Zagreb Tourist Board to welcome the arrival of spring and warm weather to invite us to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate light and life. The Festival is a mix of design, architecture and entertainment and allows one to see the world from a new perspective through the joy of light. 

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Stretching from the main square all the way through Upper Town, the Festival of Lights in Zagreb is a dazzling installation against an already beautiful city. It even dives underground into the Tunnel Grič, which was built during World War II. Watch the lights dance along Storssmayer promenade, and spend time dancing in the disco hall.