Why oh why do I have to go to school? / Mažuranić square

Why oh why do I have to go to school? / Mažuranić square

Through ambient lighting on the park crowns and a broken LED wall we take you on a journey along the archives of the Croatian Museum of School.

''Why oh why do I have to go to school?''. A question we asked our parents and the question our children ask us today. From Aristotle to Hawking, through geographic depression to artistic expression, come with us to create neurons and find out what is in a proton particle.

Concept and realization: Ana Hušman and Ivan Marušić Klif
Text: Ana Hušman and Luka Bosanac
Dramaturgy: Luka Bosanac
Speaking and singing: Margo Zejnilović and Saša Naumov
Backing vocals: Mia Košturjak and Nenad Kovačić
Dancing: Marta Šikić and Oskar Hušman Domes

End of the school day
Composition: Mak Murtić

I would like to sleep longer
Composition: Nenad Kovačić

Percussion, drums, guitar: Nenad Kovačić
Bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, flute, saxophone: Mak Murtić
Keyboards: Hrvoje Nikšić

Recording, production and final sound design: Hrvoje Nikšić
Voice recording: Berko Muratović
Illustrations: Ivana Pipal
Translation: Billie Hewitt Pavlica
Designing the credits: Ana Labudović

Thank you:
Branka Manin
Kristina Gverić
Štefka Batinić
Anita Zlomislić
Martina Juričić

Production: Oscilloscope
Realized in cooperation with the Croatian School Museum in 2023.